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Dr. Sami Aldeeb is a Doctor of Law; Graduate in Political Sciences; Staff Legal Advisor in charge of Arabic and Muslim Law at the Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, Lausanne; Lecturer at the Institute of Canon Law, University of Human Sciences, Strasbourg, France.

Table of Contents

  To Mutilate in the Name of Jehovah or Allah: Legitimization of Male and FemaleCircumcision.
     (Download the entire book in Word format HERE)

  L'Ethique Sexuelle en Droit Musulman et Arabe: Cas de L'Egypte Passe, Present et Avenir.
    (Download the entire book in Word format HERE)

  Dr. Nawal El Saadawi's Introduction to "Male and Female Circumcision in the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Communities: Religious Debate" by Sami Aldeeb.

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