KENYA:Kenyan Muslims condemn FGM

16 June 2007, PANA -  Kenyan Muslim imams and scholars said here Sunday the religion abhors female genital mutilation (FGM), which they said was still rife in the country despite being outlawed. Speaking at a three-day symposium in Kenya's port city of Mombasa, the scholars said the fact that some Muslim women undergo the cut, did not mean the religion condones the rite.

The secretary-general of the Supreme Council of Kenya Muslims (Supkem) Mohammed Dor said Islam does not support FGM and called for its abolition. "The feedback we receive gives the impression that Islam condones female circumcision. We want to remove religious overtones about the practice. The impression that Islam permits female genital mutilation is misplaced and that is why this symposium is being held to come up with a common position on the matter," Dor said.


He said the fact that some Muslims practise FGM does not mean the faith condones it. He added that Islam does not advocate female circumcision, insisting that the rite is cultural and not a religious problem. FGM, widely practised among the nomadic tribes in Kenya, remains a sensitive health and cultural issue in the country. Although outlawed, it is still a common rite of passage among pastoralists, who also form the bulk of Muslim faithful in the East African nation. The scholars and imams said the FGM should not be given a religious perception.

SOURCE: Africa News


DATE: 20/06/2007

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