EGYPT: 13-Year-Old Egyptian Girl Dies From Circumcision Operation

Cairo, Egypt (AHN) - Despite the complete ban on female circumcision in Egypt another child has died. The latest victim died during an illegal operation on Thursday night, according to media reports. The surgery was done by a medic in a clinic and carried out despite stiff penalties for anyone found doing so. Penalties include revoking a physician's medical license, closing his or her clinic and time in prison.

Al Marsy Al Youm newspaper reported that 13-year-old Karima Rahim Masoud died Thursday night at a private clinic during an illegal female circumcision operation.

The operations have continued despite the efforts of the government, human rights activists and religious leaders to stop them.

Human rights groups have spread awareness about the hazards of the operation. While Egypt's Grand Mufti has issued a fatwa, stating circumcision is not a religious act, but a social one and must be banned.

But despite these efforts, along with the tougher new laws, girls like Masoud are still being subjected to the dangerous operations.

The general prosecutor is currently investigating the two defendants, the father and the doctor.

The father went to obtain a burial license from the coroner's office, but the doctor there demanded to know the cause of death. The father argued that his daughter died from natural causes.

The doctor became suspicious and demanded to examine the body when the father broke down and confessed what had happened.

The police shut down the clinic and the preliminary investigation shows that the medic did the operation by himself without the help of anyone else.


AUTHOR: Manar Ammar

URL: Click here

DATE: 16/08/2007

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