GHANA: African Government Urged to Promote African Values

African government urged to promote African values  

African governments have been urged to commit themselves to enacting legislation and establishing cultural institutions and programmes which will promote African values.  They should also generate additional impetus towards the conservation of the continent’s cultural heritage and the promotion of cultural industries in Africa. 

The South African High Commissioner to Ghana, Rapulane Molekane made the call in an address read for him at the International Conference on Culture and Governance at Fumesua near Kumasi.  He said there is the need for advocacy work on the preservation of Africa’s cultural heritage, the restoration of threatened cultural sites and retrieval of cultural properties that were taken away during the period of colonialism.

Mr. Molekane suggested that on the issue of opportunities for improving  the livelihood of Africans, free education should not only be provided for all African children, but it should also be geared towards inculcating self-respect and faith in Africa as home and the source of livelihood.  He said in asserting women leadership roles, it is important for African governments to combat the general abuse of women and children. 

Mr. Molekane noted that social systems and values that accord dignity and respect for women must be entrenched in order to stop women abuse under the pretext of African culture. 

In this regard, retrogressive traditions like female genital mutilation must be fought against.  The Chairperson of the National Arts Council of South Africa, Mrs. Brenda Madumise, said over the years Arts and Culture have not played a central role in the formulation of policies geared at economic development and growth in African countries. 

She noted that even though African cultures and traditions have their short comings, it is still essential that their importance is felt in ways to foster economic growth and development on the continent.

SOURCE: Ghana Broadcasting Corporation

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DATE: 12/05/2008

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