UGANDA: Not All Cultural Practices Are Acceptable

When evil thrives in any society, it is an indication that the 'good' people are doing nothing, or for one reason or another, have been forced to fold their arms and look on, helpless to intervene.

Let this not be the case with female genital mutilation (FGM). Granted, it is cultural, but does that mean we just have to accept whatever culture dictates we do, even when it is a clear violation of a woman's rights?

How far must we go to de-humanise a person all in the name of culture?

Parliament says they are going to pass a bill to criminalise FGM, but how much more time do they need? How much longer must we wait before this finally comes to pass?

While they sit in the luxury of their air-conditioned chambers, some poor girl is being taken from her home and mercilessly brutalised - in keeping with a tribe's age-old tradition.

The statistics have been shown, there have been heart-rending pictures shown (even in the international press) about what goes on with this practice.

There should be no further delay in Parliament. If we say we are going to stop it, let it be now, rather than later. What could we possibly waiting for?


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DATE: 13/01/2009

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