GHANA, BURKINA FASO, TOGO: Ghana, Burkina Faso & Togo Issue Joint Communique

About 120 Delegates from three neighbouring countries, Ghana , Burkna Faso and Togo, at the end of a three day tri-partite cross border meeting held in Tenkodogo in Burkina Faso, issued a communiqué to reinforce cross border cooperation and peaceful co-existence among their people.

The three, also agreed to increase development activities in the decentralized cross border areas, and encourage twinning between communities and local government authorities.

The three delegations discussed security, social welfare, decentralized cooperation, culture, sports and free movement of people and goods.

In the domain of security, they committed themselves to fight against the proliferation of arms, armed robbery, goods and cattle rustling, and deepen collaboration among security services in the three countries.

In the social sphere, they committed themselves to fight against female genital mutilation, child trafficking, conduct common immunization exercises in human and animal health, and exchange experiences and information on epidemics and pandemics.

Discussing culture and sports, they committed themselves to lead common activities for the welfare of the youth through the organization of cultural days and sports competitions.

As far as free movement of people and goods are concerned, the three countries pledged to reduce police harassments, and to make trade exchanges more dynamic.

On education, they recommended the compulsory teaching of English and French in the different educational systems in the three countries.

They also recommended the harmonization of the different laws in managing cattle and transporting them from one country to the other.

Talking about justice, they recommended the harmonization of the laws governing the definition of delinquencies and the punishments to apply in case of female genital mutilation and child trafficking.

Finally, in order to sustain the present tripartite meeting, the three delegations agreed to work together for its institutionalization and periodic rotational holding of meetings. In that regard they agreed with the Regional Minister of the Upper East Region to hold the next tripartite meeting in his Region in 2010.

The Delegates also discussed how they could contribute to achieve the objectives pursued by their respective governments and the sub-regional organization like the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

The Communiqué was signed by Mr. Mark Woyongo, Upper East Regional Minister of Ghana, the Governor of Central East Region of Burkina Faso Simeone Sawadogo and the District Chief Executive of Tône in the Savanna Region of Togo, Ali Seydou Mossiyamba.

SOURCE: Peace FM Online

URL: Click here

DATE: 29/09/2009

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