UGANDA: Minister Blasts CSOs Over Domestic Relations Bill

The state minister for Gender and Culture has advised the civil society to redirect their efforts towards discouraging skimpy dressing by women rather than wasting time and resources on issues such as the Domestic Relations Bill.

Ms Rukia Isanga Nakadama said civil society organisations should discourage women against skimpy dressing because it hurts the dignity of women before they can tackle larger issues like the DRB.

“Why don’t you (civil society) talk about those who do not dress properly, why are you quiet about the nakedness of women and decide to only talk about the Domestic Relations Bill,” the Ms Nakadama said on Tuesday at a workshop organized by Islamic University in Uganda and sponsored by ISESCO/FUIW at Tagy Hotel, Kampala.

Recently, the civil society re-launched their demand for the speedy tabling of the new DRB which is meant to harmonise issues of marital property rights, sexual rights in marriage and domestic violence. However critics argue that the bill is not only controversial but attempts to criminalize the whole essence of bride price and legalise cohabitation.

Speaking as the Chief Guest, Ms Nakadama said civil society should also put much effort towards fighting bad cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation rather than demonizing African culture as bad, arguing that a woman can find solace in what she called ‘progressive parts of our culture’.                 

The objective of the two day workshop in Kampala was among others geared at promoting dialogue among cultures and civilization through communication material and media messages.

The Vice Rector of IUIU, Dr Mouhamad Mpeza, said the IUIU is ready to play a role that will foster dialogue leading to development and co existence of all cultural institutions in Uganda.

He disclosed that a course on culture will be introduced at IUIU as a move to help the students appreciate cultural diversity and its importance.    

The Head of FUIW/ISESCO secretariat, Mr Mustapha Ali, said they have interests in peaceful co existence of all cultures not only in Uganda but the continent as a whole.
He said where there is tension among cultures; dialogue should be the way forward.

SOURCE: Monitor Online

AUTHOR: Ismail Musa Ladu

URL: Click here

DATE: 16/10/2009

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