USA: U.S. Doctors Wrong On Female Genital Mutilation Among Immigrants

Believe it or not, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) thinks it's OK for immigrant parents to subject their daughters to a mild form of female genital mutilation (FGM). This is more evidence our nation has gone mad over immigration and is allowing immigrants to commit all manner of crimes that would be illegal if performed by a native-born citizen.

The AAP issued a report saying, in essence, it's better to allow parents who are going to maim their daughters' private parts to inflict a "ritual nick" than to send the girls overseas (back to their home country) for the traditional form of mutilation--a "surgery" performed by midwives and other non-medical personnel which maims girl's private parts for life. According to the anti-mutilation activist group Intact America:

The AAP report--which urged changes [to current law] to allow a “ritual nick” of girls’ genitals so families don’t send their daughters overseas for a full genital cutting--came out the same day that two congressmembers--Democrat Joseph Crowley of New York and Republican Mary Bono of California--introduced legislation (The Girls Protection Act, H.R. 5137) that would make it illegal to transport a minor girl living in the United States out of the country for the purpose of female genital mutilation.

Genital mutilation is illegal in the United States, and for good reason. But we're so overly sympathetic to Asian and African cultures that still practice mutilation that we don't want to "offend" them by making their followers adhere to the same laws the rest of us here must abide by.

This attitude is nothing short of insane. Before allowing people to immigrate to the United States, we should question them about their child rearing and cultural beliefs. If they admit they would perform such an act on a daughter, they should be denied entry into this country. Further, their citizenship should be revoked if they participate in such acts of child cruelty.

Immigrants enjoy a privilege to become U.S. citizens. No foreigner has a "right" to U.S. citizenship. We should be much more selective about who we allow to emigrate here, and allow in persons who are going to contribute to our economy and enhance our culture, not degrade it.


AUTHOR: Bonnie Erbe and thomas Jefferson

URL: Click here

DATE: 12/05/2010

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