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United states and International legislation
National and International Legislation on FGM
In the following pages you will find a listing of national and international legislation pertaining to FGM. If you know of another legislation that is not listed on here, please let me know by using the contact form.
United States Legislation Listing

Complete Legislative Graphic of the United States


Individual States

California AB 2125 (Figueroa and Lunneen) 
Delaware SB 393 (Henry) 
Illinois HB 3572 (Mulligan-Deuchler) 
Michigan HB 6095 
Minnesota 144.3872
New Jersey ACR 35 
New York A 5010
North Dakota SB 2454 
Rhode Island S 2317 (Perry, Cicilline,Parella,Graziano and Gibbs) 
Tennessee SB 2394 (Crutchfield) 
Texas H.B. 91 (Giddings, Thompson, Chavez, Clark)
Wisconsin 365 
States whose anti-FGM bills did not pass:
States that punish parents as well as doctors who  perform FGM
      California AB 2125 (Figueroa and Lunneen)
      Delaware SB 393 (Henry)

Bills whose status is unknown

International Listing

The current list of legislations were taken from A Report to the Attorney-General prepared by the Family Law Council on Female Genital Mutilation from Australia . If you know of any other legislations, or if you have the entire text of any of t he current legislations, please please let me know by using the contact form.
Australian and Other Relevant Laws
British and Canadian Legislation
Summaries of Some Countries' Laws
Summaries of Some African Countries's Laws