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I have been receiving a large number of emails and correspondances from people in the last few weeks. Responses to those correspondances might be slow at times. Please be patient. There's no need to resend your emails. This is a very busy time of the year, and as such, between wading through 200+ spam/day and the emails will take a while.

A note to students:

Emails that say "I am an X student at Y University, and I'm doing a presentation/thesis/dissertation on FGM, and I need you to send me information or pictures" will not be responded to. If you're a student, you can access your library. You can also refer to the "Bibliography" section of this website, and you'll find a wealth of information.

Almost ALL the information in our library is currently on this website. With the help of volunteers, we're slowly but surely updating the areas that are out of date, and adding new statistics, articles, etc. The additions will be slowly coming. In the meantime, what's on here is what we have.

Lastly, if you need to conduct interviews with women who have been experienced FGC, please send an email with your survey or request, and I will post it on this website, and people will contact you directly. If you need personal testimonies, look on the left hand navigation menu for the "Testimonies" section.



In order to streamline announcements, news, and requests for help, I have started a Google group moderated discussion list. I would encourage everyone to post their request there while looking for help.


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People who would like to volunteer are also encouraged to subscribe to the volunteers list.
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Due to technical difficulties, and unbeknown to us, email reponses to online emails were not getting delivered.

This problem is being addressed and fixed.

If you have tried contacting us, and did not receive a response, please send another email.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you.

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