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Dec 16 2011 KENYA: Mbeere District Schoolgirls Circumcised Secretely
Dec 16 2011 KENYA: It is the high season for circumcision as the new law against FGM fails to bite
Dec 15 2011 SOMALIA: MPs summon Puntland Ministers on FGM motion
Dec 15 2011 UGANDA: Rights Activists Push for FGM End
Dec 15 2011 INDIA: Female circumcision could lead to medical complications: Docs
Dec 15 2011 KENYA: Kenya joins fight against female circumcision
Sep 02 2011 SENEGAL: Female Circumcision Drops In Senegal
Sep 02 2011 KENYA: Alliance Girls Launch Anti-FGM Crusade
Sep 02 2011 EGYPT: Female Genital Mutilation Becomes Less Common In Egypt
Sep 02 2011 KENYA: Meru Elders On The Spot Over FGM
Sep 02 2011 SENEGAL: In Senegal, A Movement To Reject Female Circumcision
May 07 2011 EU: EU Wants Eradication Of Female Genital Mutilation
May 07 2011 USA / WEST AFRICA: Doctors, West African Women Who Relocated To NYC Speak Out Against Forced Female Circumcision
May 07 2011 GUINEA: Guinea Hosts Regional Summit To Curb Female 'Cut'
May 07 2011 CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Supporting Women's Rights In Remote Areas
May 07 2011 USA / WEST AFRICA: After School In Brooklin, West African Girls Share Memaries Of A Painful Ritual
May 03 2011 KENYA: The Midwife On A Mission to Stop Female Genital Mutilation
May 03 2011 KENYA: Memories Of My Circumcision Have Haunted Me To date
Apr 29 2011 KENYA/UK: The Midwife On A Mission To Stop Female Genital Mutilation
Apr 29 2011 KENYA: Pinay Film Shows Plight Of Circumcised Kenyan Gurls
Apr 29 2011 KENYA: MPs Back Bill To Prohibit Female Genital Mutilation
Apr 29 2011 ETHIOPIA: Rural Village In Ethiopia Vows To Stop Female Genital Mutilation
Apr 29 2011 KENYA: Kenyan Parliament To Debate Female Genital Mutilation Bill
Apr 29 2011 ETHIOPIA: Ethiopian Village Fights Against Female Circumcision
Apr 29 2011 KENYA: FGM Clubs In Schools To Fight The Cut
Mar 07 2011 AUSTRALIA: 'Female Genital Mutilation' Illegal In All Its Forms
Jan 11 2011 UGANDA: Let Us Empower The Sabiny Girls To Fight FGM
Jan 11 2011 KENYA: Women's Group Saves 100 Girls From 'Cut'
Jan 11 2011 SWITZERLAND: Female Genital Mutilation 'Will Be Punishable Offence In Switzerland
Dec 18 2010 SWITZERLAND: Switzerland Moves Against Practice Of Female Genital Mutilation
Dec 18 2010 EGYPT: Survey Reveals Facts About FGM, Education, Child Labor
Dec 18 2010 KENYA: Instead Of Glory, Girls In Tarime Find Blood And Ashes
Dec 18 2010 UGANDA: Uganda Calls For Africa To Outlaw Female Genital Mutilation
Dec 18 2010 UGANDA: Uganda Calls For Regional Fight Against FGM
Dec 18 2010 UGANDA: We Need To Change People's Attitudes
Dec 18 2010 UGANDA: Law Not Effective In Fighting FGM
Dec 18 2010 UGANDA: The Decision To Abandon FGM Has To Come From The Community
Dec 17 2010 UGANDA: Here Is Another Perspective Of Fighting FGM
Dec 17 2010 UGANDA: Uprooting FGM Takes Much More Than Outlawing It
Dec 17 2010 UGANDA: Education Will Eliminate FGM
Dec 17 2010 TANZANIA: Mass FGM Ceremonies Planned In Tanzania
Dec 17 2010 TANZANIA: Rights Group Urges Tanzania To Save Girls From Genital Mutilation
Dec 17 2010 UGANDA: The Law Alone Will Not Stop FGM
Dec 17 2010 UGANDA: Museveni Speaks Out On Genital Mutilation
Dec 17 2010 UGANDA: Give The Sabiny More Sensitisation
Dec 17 2010 IRAQ: Iraqi Kurdistan Confronts Female Genital Mutilation
Dec 17 2010 KENYA: Anti-FGM Drive Finally Begins Bearing Fruit
Dec 17 2010 UGANDA: I Am Human, I Have Rights, So Why Mutilate My Genitals
Dec 17 2010 NIGERIA: Nigerian Govt. Should Act, Female Genital Mutilation Must be Abolished
Dec 17 2010 UGANDA: Sebei Region Gets Vehicles For FGM Fight
Sep 14 2010 NIGERIA: Curbing Female Genital Cutting
Sep 08 2010 INDONESIA: Female Genital Mutilation Persists Despite Ban
Sep 08 2010 AFRICA/NIGERIA: Female Genital Mutilation Helps Spread Of HIV/Aids - Obasanjo-Bello
Sep 08 2010 NIGERIA: Female Genital Mutilation Spreads HIV-Aids - Iyabo Obasanjo
Sep 08 2010 EGYPT: Egypt Renews Crackdown On Female Mutilation
Sep 08 2010 UGANDA: Sabiny Girls To Fight Circumcision
Sep 08 2010 SUDAN: In Sudan, Saleema Campaign Re-Frames Debates About Female Genital Cutting
Sep 08 2010 EGYPT: Egypt Girl Dies In Circumcision Attempt, Doctor To Face Trial
Sep 08 2010 UK: 'Rise In Female Genital Mutilation' In London
Sep 08 2010 UK/SIERRA LEONE: Female Genital Mutilation On The Rise In UK - Medical Officials
Sep 08 2010 EGYPT: More Campaigns Are Needed To Protect Girls In Egypt
Jul 17 2010 EUROPE: Time For Concrete EU Action Against Female Genital Mutilation
Jul 17 2010 AUSTRIA: African Women Fight Female Genital Mutilation
Jul 17 2010 Waris Dirie: The Ever-Blossoming Desert Flower
Jun 27 2010 INDONESIA: Violence, Circumcision Among Problems Faced By NU Women
Jun 27 2010 ETHIOPIA: Ethiopian FGM Radio Warnings Reach Nomadic Women
Jun 26 2010 KURDISTAN: Shocking Statistics on "Female Genital Mutilation"
Jun 18 2010 UGANDA: Ugandan Women Seek UN Ban On Female Genital Cutting
Jun 18 2010 UK: Bristol Women Protest Against Genital Mutilation
Jun 18 2010 IRAQ: HRW Urges Iraqi Kurds To Ban Female Circumcision
Jun 18 2010 GAMBIA: GAMCOTRAP Certifies 24 Community-Based Facilitators For Anti-FGM Work
Jun 18 2010 Female Genital Cutting: Where To Get Help
Jun 18 2010 KENYA: Invest In A Girl
Jun 17 2010 USA: U.S Bill Would Outlaw FGM "Holidays"
Jun 17 2010 COTE D'IVOIRE: UNOCI Campaigns Against Female Circumcision
Jun 17 2010 UGANDA: House Wants Female Circumcision Banned
Jun 17 2010 Ending A Brutal Practice
Jun 10 2010 USA: Some Immigrants Face Preassure To Perform Female Genital Mutilation, Advocates Say
Jun 10 2010 UGANDA: Uganda Police Arrests Two Over Female Genital Mutilation
Jun 10 2010 UGANDA: Activists Want Female Circumcision On AU Agenda
Jun 10 2010 UGANDA: Museveni Directs Sabiny To Stop Female Genital Mutilation
Jun 10 2010 USA/SENEGAL: Immigrant's Choice: Family Separation Or Child Mutilation
Jun 10 2010 Expertx Link High Maternal Mortality To Genital Mutilation
Jun 10 2010 USA: Pediatricians Now Reject All Female Genital Cutting
Jun 10 2010 GHANA: Assemblies Asked To Pass By-Law Against Obsolete Practices
Jun 10 2010 AUSTRALIA: Female Circumcision Under Consideration
Jun 10 2010 AUSTRALIA: Criticism Over Australian Doctors Support For Female Circumcision
Jun 10 2010 NEW ZEALAND: Genital Mutilation Unlikely To Be Agreed Upon By NZ Docs
Jun 10 2010 USA: Female Genital Cutting: Not Even A 'Nick'
Jun 10 2010 Dr Warns Against Circumcision
May 12 2010 USA: U.S. Doctors Wrong On Female Genital Mutilation Among Immigrants
May 12 2010 USA: U.S. Congress Working On Travel Ban For Female Genital Mutilation
May 12 2010 UGANDA: Women MPs Warn Publlic On Female Circumcision
May 12 2010 World Takes A Stand Against Genital Mutilation
May 12 2010 Lawmakers Push For Ban On Female Circumcision
May 12 2010 UGANDA: War Against Female Circumcision Hits Snag
May 12 2010 African Countries Call For UN Ban On Female Genital Mutilation
May 07 2010 African Lawmakers Appea; For UN Resolution Banning Female Genital Mutilation
May 07 2010 EGYPT: FGM: The Pharaonic Rite That's A Hard Habit To Break
May 07 2010 27 African Countries Hold Conference To Ban Female Circumcision
May 07 2010 USA: American Academy Of Pediatrics (AAP) Is Advocating For US Pediatricians To Perform Certain Types of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
May 07 2010 USA: Group Backs Ritual 'Nick' As Female Circumcision Option
Apr 26 2010 IRELAND/NIGERIA: Judgement Reserved On Pamela Izevbekhai Appeal
Apr 26 2010 Waris Dirie And The Fight Against Female Circumcision
Apr 26 2010 USA: Female Mutilation Happens All Over The World, Even In America
Apr 22 2010 GAMBIA: GAMCOTRAP Wants Security Agents To Stop FGM
Apr 22 2010 USA: Wrong Approach To Ending Genital Mutilation
Apr 22 2010 IRELAND: Harney To Introduce Bill To Ban Genita Mutilation
Apr 22 2010 SWEDEN: Court Awards Damages After Genital Mutilation Test
Mar 18 2010 USA: MOther In Georgia Charged With Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 28 2010 MALI: DECLARATION: on the Terminology FGM; 6th IAC General Assembly, 4 - 7 April, 2005, Bamako/Mali
Feb 12 2010 IRELAND/NIGERIA: Second Srt Of 'Fake' Documents In Deportation Case
Feb 12 2010 GAMBIA: Gambian Human Rights Group Advocates Alternative To Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 12 2010 NIGERIA: Sustained Advocacy Funding, Key to Ending FGM
Feb 12 2010 KURDISTAN: Women In Kurdistan - Female Circumcision Ban Urged
Jan 15 2010 SUDAN/UK: Ending The Culture Of FGM
Jan 12 2010 UGANDA: FGM Is A HUman Rights Violation
Jan 12 2010 ETHIOPIA: Saved From The Afony Of Female Circumcision
Jan 05 2010 GAMBIA: More URR Communities Abandon FGM/C
Jan 05 2010 UGANDA: FGM Banned In Uganda, Other African Nations Ponder The Option
Jan 05 2010 EGYPT: Networking For A Purpose
Dec 14 2009 KENYA: Women Let Down Fight Against 'Cut'
Dec 14 2009 GAMBIA: 2nd ropping Of The Knife By Female Circumcisers Held In Basse
Dec 14 2009 KENYA: Enditnow: In Kenya, Girls Say No To FGM
Dec 14 2009 UN/GHANA: UK Commits Itself To Defend Human Rights
Dec 14 2009 UGANDA: Uganda Bans Female Circumcision
Dec 14 2009 MALDIVES: Attorney General: Practice Of Female Circumcision Gaining Momentum In Addu
Dec 14 2009 UGANDA: Life Imprisonment Awaits Those Who Circumcise Ladies
Dec 12 2009 UGANDA: Uganda bans female circumcision
Dec 04 2009 UGANDA: Anti-Female Genital Mutilation Bill Ready for Debate
Dec 03 2009 GHANA: MPs Decry Spate Of Violence Against Women ... Call For Stiffer Punishment
Dec 03 2009 NETHERLAND: 'Ambassadors' To Fight Female Genital Mutilation
Dec 03 2009 NETHERLANDS: Dutch Government: "Say No To Female Genital Mutilation"
Dec 03 2009 IRELAND: Over 2,500 Women In Ireland Have Undergone Female Genital Mutilation
Dec 03 2009 UGANDA: Uganda Gender Laws Gain Support
Dec 03 2009 NIGERIA: Minister Tasks Security Agents On Violence Against Women. Children
Dec 01 2009 KENYA: 350 Teenage Girls To Face The Knife
Dec 01 2009 UGANDA: Female Genital Mutilation Has Positive Side
Dec 01 2009 KENYA: 350 teenage girls to face the knife
Nov 30 2009 GHANA: Protect Us From Abuse - Kids Appeal To MPs
Nov 30 2009 CANADA: Canadian Citizenship Guide Reads Tougher
Nov 27 2009 UGANDA: Malinga Warns Parents On Female Genital Mutilation
Nov 27 2009 Female Circumcision: "Europe Should Learn From Africa"
Nov 24 2009 UGANDA: FGM On The Decline In Kapchorwa
Nov 24 2009 African Activism Against Female Circumcision Is Focus Of New Film
Nov 24 2009 Spotlight on Beijing +15
Nov 24 2009 November 25Is Int'l Day For Elimination Of Violence Against Women
Nov 24 2009 Ending Violence Against Women Helps Achieve Development Goals
Nov 12 2009 NIGERIA: First Ladies And Female Genital Mutilation
Nov 12 2009 IRELAND: Pamela Izevbekhai Due Back Before Supreme Court
Nov 12 2009 UGANDA: Kapchorwa Leaders Petition MPs On FGM Bill
Nov 12 2009 Mutilating Women
Nov 12 2009 IRELAND: Supreme Court Hears Izevbekhai Case
Nov 12 2009 IRELAND: Postcard 'Thread' Leads To Pamela Going Solo On Case
Nov 12 2009 UGANDA: Agencies Unite Against Female Circumcision
Nov 12 2009 GAMBIA: Discourse For Resourse: 200 Ex-Circumcisers And Their Assistants Call For The End Of FGM/C
Nov 12 2009 ETHIOPIA: FGM Virtually Eradicated In Two Zones
Nov 12 2009 UGANDA: 150 Girls To Fight Practice
Nov 12 2009 Health Fears Over 'Designer Vaginas'
Nov 12 2009 BURKINA FASO: Burkina Faso's First Lady Cals For Female Circumcision Ban
Nov 12 2009 Desert Flower, Directed By Sherry Horman
Nov 12 2009 Gambia: Manneh Kunda Declares End To Female Genital Cutting
Nov 01 2009 UGANDA: Police Arrests Moroto Parents Over Circumcision
Oct 16 2009 Waris Dirie: Supermodel Survivor
Oct 16 2009 UGANDA: Minister Blasts CSOs Over Domestic Relations Bill
Oct 16 2009 NETHERLANDS: Koendeers Visiting Burkina Faso
Oct 16 2009 NIGERIA: Violence Against Women Undermines Their Capacity
Oct 16 2009 Urgent Action Needed By World Comminity To Stamp Out Violence Against Children, Newly Appointed Special Representative Tells Third Committee
Oct 02 2009 EU: Will You Help Save A Girl From Mutilation?
Oct 01 2009 USA/GHANA: Lauderhill Event To Help Educate hana Women About Genital Mutilation
Oct 01 2009 KENYA: Children Sexuall Abuse On The Rise
Sep 29 2009 SWEDEN, DENMARK, NORWAY: Sweden, Denmark And Norway Try To Stop Genital Mutilation Among Immigrants At Home And Abroad
Sep 29 2009 EU: Website Launched To End Female Genital Mutilation
Sep 29 2009 GHANA, BURKINA FASO, TOGO: Ghana, Burkina Faso & Togo Issue Joint Communique
Sep 29 2009 AUSTRALIA/KENYA: Refugee Girls Face Deportation And Mutilation
Sep 29 2009 Changing Lives
Sep 29 2009 AUSTRALIA/KENYA: Government Failing 'Silent Asylum Seekers'
Sep 29 2009 GHANA: Ghanian Women To Know More About Genital Mutilation
Sep 29 2009 USA: Opening Remarks At Combating Violence Against Girls Event
Sep 18 2009 NETHERLANDS: Man Cleared Of Daughter's Genital Mutilation
Sep 18 2009 KURDISTAN: A Woman's Strengh Cannot Be Hidden
Sep 18 2009 UGANDA: MPs Table Female Genital Mutilation Bill
Sep 15 2009 ETHIOPIA: In Ethiopia, African Women Parliamentarians Condemn Female Genital Mutilation
Sep 06 2009 UK/KENYA: New Documentary, The Cut, To Educate About FGM, Female Genital Mutilation
Sep 05 2009 DOWNLOADABLE FILM: The Cut
Aug 30 2009 EGYPT: Female Circumcision Crackdown
Aug 17 2009 PUBLICATION: Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting - UNFPA Report
Aug 03 2009 CHAD: HUman Rights Comittee Adopts Recommendations On The Report Of Chad
Aug 03 2009 LIBERIA: Liberia Is Writing New History For Its Women And Girls, Delegation Tells Women's Antidiscrimination Comittee, Admiting Great Challenges In That Endeavour
Jul 30 2009 SUDAN: Sudan's Female Genital Mutilation Countered By Henna-Dyed Hands
Jul 30 2009 USA: Obama Moves To Grant Political Asylum To Women Who Suffer Domestic Abuse
Jul 30 2009 UGANDA: Uganda Moves To Ban FGM
Jul 30 2009 NAIROBI: Doctors Asked To Stop Female Cut Operations
Jul 30 2009 BURKINA FASO: "If It Wasn't Good, God Wouldn't Have Made It
Jul 20 2009 CANADA: Mom's Deportation Order Killed
Jul 20 2009 UGANDA: Uganda Seeks To Criminalise FGM But It Must Do More Than Just Pass The Law
Jul 20 2009 UGANDA: Museveni, Traditionalists Differ On Female Circumcision
Jul 20 2009 UGANDA: FGM Cause For High Population Growth Rate
Jul 20 2009 CANADA/NIGERIA: Mom Fights To Stay In Canada
Jul 20 2009 TANZANIA: Human Rights Committee Consideres Report On Tanzania
Jul 11 2009 EGYPT: Support For Female Circumcision Declining In Egypt
Jul 08 2009 WEST AFRICA: “Pleasure hospital” under construction for FGM/C victims
Jul 07 2009 SWITZERLAND: Parliament Tackles Genital Mutilation
Jul 07 2009 GAMBIA: A Public Pledge To End Female Genital Mutilation And Cutting In Gambia
Jul 07 2009 GAMBIA: Fight Against FGM Boosted - As 24 Communities Drop The Kife In Urr
Jul 07 2009 UGANDA: Uganda To Outlaw Female Circumcision
Jul 02 2009 FRANCE: Female Genital Mutilation, A Social Reality In France
Jun 30 2009 TANZANIA: Bringing Hope To Tanzanian Village
Jun 29 2009 GAMBIA: 24 Communities Pledge To Abandon the Practice of FGC, Early / Forced Marriages
Jun 19 2009 GAMBIA: Reaching The FGM/C Tipping Point
Jun 17 2009 Tales Of Struggle And Strengh: Human Rights Watch Fest Marks 20 Years
Jun 17 2009 KENYA: Kenyan School Rescues Girls From Facing Female Genital Mutilation
May 22 2009 GAMBIA: Senegambian Scholars Condemn FGM
May 22 2009 GAMBIA: International Forum On Harmful Traditional Practices Under Way
May 22 2009 BURKINA FASO: Clinic To Fight Taboo Of Female Mutilation
May 22 2009 GAMBIA: Summaru On GAMCOTRAP Intervention On FGM
May 22 2009 IRELAND: Pamela Recruits New Lawyers In Deportation Fight
May 12 2009 KENYA: Saying 'No' To 'The Cut' In Kenya
May 12 2009 AUSTRALIA: Australia Takes Tough Line On Female Circumcision
May 12 2009 IRAQ: Iraqi Women Suffer Regular Domestic Violence - UN
May 12 2009 IRELAND/NIGERIA: Nigerian's Woman Case Put Back Untill May 28th
May 11 2009 BELGIUM: Genitally-Mutilated African Girls Risk Deportation From Belgium
May 11 2009 UN 14th Report On The Human Rights Situation In Iraq
May 05 2009 UGANDA: MPs Call For Banning Of FGM
May 05 2009 EGYPT: Egypt Has Yet To Feel Impact Of FGM Ban
May 05 2009 GHANA: Judge Says State Protection From FGM Available In Ghana
Apr 28 2009 KENYA: Kids Alive In Kenya With Linda Mugo
Apr 28 2009 Female Genital Mutilation Debate
Apr 28 2009 IRAN, IRAQ: The Horrors Of Female Circumcision
Apr 28 2009 NIGER: Ten Villages Unite To Say 'No' To Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting In Niger
Apr 28 2009 NIGER: African Villages Denounce Female Circumcision
Apr 28 2009 EU: The Barbarians Practice Female Genital Mutilation
Apr 20 2009 SIERRA LEONE: Chiefs Ban Genital Cutting For Girls Under 18
Apr 20 2009 SIERRA LEONE: Leaders In Sierra Leone Sign Female Genital Mutilation Agreement
Apr 20 2009 IRELAND/NIGERIA: Nigerian Report Contradicts FGM Claims Of Diplomat
Apr 20 2009 IRELAND: Ireland To Deport Nigerian Woman And Daughters
Apr 20 2009 NIGER: 10 Villages in Niger Kick Against Female Circumcision
Apr 20 2009 EGYPT: Egypt Wrestles With 'Female Genital Mutilation'
Apr 20 2009 AUSTRALIA: Court Bars Father From Taking Daughter Female Circumcision
Apr 20 2009 BURKINA FASO/WEST AFRICA: Clitoral Reconstruction Is A Luxury
Apr 20 2009 KENYA: Girl Bleeds To Death After Undergoing FGM
Apr 07 2009 IRELAND/NIGERIA: Deportation Case Mother Had Fake Baby Death Papers, Inquiry Told
Apr 07 2009 IRELAND: Harney Considers Law To Ban Female Genital Mutilation
Apr 07 2009 NIGERIA: Nigeria Ready To Take The Stand Over Genital Mutilation Claims
Apr 07 2009 IRELAND: Mutilation Fear at Centre Of Long Asylum Battle
Apr 07 2009 SPAIN: Catalan Police In Crusade Against Female Genital Mutilation
Apr 06 2009 UK: Thousands of girls subjected to genital mutilation
Apr 01 2009 USA: Anti-Circumcision Activists Rally Today To Demand US Ban Circumcision
Mar 31 2009 KENYA: In One Kenyan Diocese, An Alternative Rite Of Passage For Girls
Mar 31 2009 SOMALIA: Case Study:Female Circumcision, The Daughter
Mar 31 2009 KENYA: Women's Rights Campaigner Swaps Kenya For Shieldinch
Mar 31 2009 IRELAND: Ireland Considers Female Genital Mutilation Ban
Mar 31 2009 Female Genital Mutilation And Double Standards
Mar 31 2009 UK: Female Genital Mutilation On british Turf
Mar 31 2009 ISRAEL: Female Circumcision Among Israel's Negev Bedouins Has Virtually Disappeared
Mar 26 2009 ISRAEL: Female Genital Mutilation By Bedouins Ends
Mar 26 2009 SUDAN: Letter To Sudan President On Female Genital Cutting
Mar 24 2009 KENYA: Crisis Sends Maasai Aid Project Back To Basics
Mar 24 2009 SIERRA LEONE: Genital Mutilation: Women Fight Africa's Taboo
Mar 23 2009 SOMALIA/UK: CaseStudy: Female Circumcision, The Husband
Mar 23 2009 UK: Britain Gives Reverse Female Circumcision
Mar 16 2009 PHILIPPINES: Global Support Urged For Momen's Emancipation
Mar 16 2009 TANZANIA: From Magomeni To Miami, Violence Thrives
Mar 16 2009 KURDISTAN: Female Genital Mutilation Said To Be Widespread In Iraq's, Iran's Kurdistan
Mar 16 2009 IRELAND: 'Women Should Be Safe From Female Genital Mutilation' - Burke
Mar 16 2009 TANZANIA: FGM Still Prevalent In Tanga Region
Mar 16 2009 UK: Thousands Of Girs Mutilated In Britain
Mar 15 2009 KENYA/TANZANIA: Witch Hunt: Africa's Hidden War On Women
Mar 14 2009 RWANDA: Overcoming FGM, Its Causes And Manifestations
Mar 13 2009 SENEGAL: Senegal Groups Fight Tradition To Protect Women And Girls From Violence
Mar 13 2009 IRELAND: Dublin MEPs Give Their Backing To Anti-FGM Campaign
Mar 13 2009 GAMBIA: International Women's Day Celebrated
Mar 13 2009 UGANDA: Patriarchy Fuels Female Circumcision
Feb 20 2009 SIERRA LEONE: FGM: Let's Stop This Cruel Practice Against Girls
Feb 20 2009 SIERRA LEONE: The Bondo Debate: An Affront To The Sierra Leonean Woman
Jan 26 2009 Perception of Primary Health Professionals About Female Genital Mutilation: From Healthcare To Intercultural Competence
Jan 14 2009 UGANDA: FGM Has Turned Women Into Objects
Jan 13 2009 GHANA: The Rise Of Ghanaian Women: Matters Arising
Jan 13 2009 UGANDA: Not All Cultural Practices Are Acceptable
Jan 13 2009 TANZANIA: Mahanga Warns Against FGM Prastices In Dar
Jan 13 2009 SUDAN: Finally, Sudan Passes Law To Stop The Cut
Jan 13 2009 UGANDA: Crimialise Female Genital Mutilation
Jan 13 2009 UGANDA: Support MP's Move On Genital Mutilation
Jan 13 2009 MALI: Mali To Cut Female Circumcision To 65% By 2012
Jan 13 2009 UGANDA: FGM Can Be Defeated By Joint Effort
Jan 07 2009 UGANDA: 'Surgeons' Want Compensation Before They Lay Down Their Knives
Jan 07 2009 People Of Note: 'Lost Maiden' Puts The Spotlight On A Dangerous Tradition
Jan 07 2009 GAMBIA: Women's Activist Named Gambian Of The Year
Jan 07 2009 UGANDA: 500 Girls Mutilated Over Christmas
Jan 07 2009 KURDISTAN: 'I Just Wish I Could Be The Way I Was'
Jan 07 2009 EGYPT: Activists Fight Female Circumcision
Jan 07 2009 UGANDA: Criminalise FGM Now To Save Young Girls
Jan 07 2009 TOGO: Aridjetou Oumorou, "For Non-Virgins, I Was Paid More Than Twice As Much"
Jan 07 2009 BENIN-TOGO: Can Microcredit Turn FGM/C Cutters to New Trades?
Jan 07 2009 SUDAN: It Takes More Than a Law to Stop the Cut
Jan 05 2009 IRAQ: For Kurdish Girls, a Painful Ancient Ritual
Jan 04 2009 UGANDA: Sebei Lose Battle Against Female Circumcision
Dec 29 2008 KENYA: 200 Marakwet Girls Forcefully Circumcised
Dec 22 2008 EGYPT: Activists Fight Female Circumcision
Dec 18 2008 KENYA: Hiding From The Cruellest Cut
Dec 16 2008 SOMALIA: "One message" on FGM/C in Somaliland
Dec 08 2008 KENYA: Girls flee circumcision in Kenya
Dec 02 2008 IRELAND: Ireland Should Criminalise FGM
Nov 29 2008 ETHIOPIA: UNFPA and UNICEF to Launch a Joint Programme on FGM/C in Afar
Nov 29 2008 DENMARK: Criminalizing Circumcision May Force Out Denmark's Jews
Nov 28 2008 EUROPE: States Do Little to Prevent Female Genital Mutilation
Nov 25 2008 Iraq's Kurdish Areas Prepare to Ban Female Circumcision
Sep 19 2008 ETHIOPIA: More Ethiopian parents saying no to female circumcision
Aug 03 2008 SIERRA LEONE: Circumcision: A Girl's Tale
Aug 03 2008 US: Women Bishops Urge More Focus On Gender Issues
Aug 02 2008 UGANDA: Criminalise Female Genital Mutilation
Aug 02 2008 EGYPT: Fenale Circumcision, A Centuries-old Custom Defying Religion - Feature
Aug 02 2008 USA: Woman Appealing Asylum Denial
Aug 02 2008 UGANDA: We Must Address Female Genital Mutilation Urgently
Jul 19 2008 USA/AFRICA: African Women's Rights Discussed at Conference
Jul 19 2008 YEMEN: More Yemeni Women Favor Female Circumcision, Shows Study
Jul 19 2008 GERMANY/TOGO: German NGO Backs Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation in Togo
Jul 19 2008 UK: Ruth Rendell Speaks Out Against Female Genital Mutilation
Jul 09 2008 UGANDA: Genital Mutilation - Women Grapple With a Deadly Tradition
Jul 09 2008 YEMEN: Government Body Moves to Stem Female Genital Mutilation
Jul 09 2008 UGANDA: MPs Want Female Circumcision Banned
Jul 09 2008 SWITZERLAND: Parents Convicted of Genital Mutilation
Jul 09 2008 FRANCE/WEST AFRICA: West Africans Fight Female Genital Mutilation in France
Jun 28 2008 WORLD: Free Speech Dies at the UN
Jun 28 2008 YEMEN: MPS Say: No To Genital Mutilation, 18 Is Minimum Marriage Age, Juveniles Cannot Be Punished As Adults
Jun 23 2008 UGANDA: Culture Killing Girls in Kapchorwa
Jun 23 2008 UGANDA: A Circumciser Drops The Brutal Knife
Jun 23 2008 KENYA: Where Child Marriages Thrive Unabated
Jun 22 2008 UK/AFRICA: Female Circumcision: A Tradition Steeped in Blood
Jun 22 2008 USA/GUINEA: A Victory For Women
Jun 22 2008 EGYPT: Stemming the Bloody Tide
Jun 22 2008 AFRICA: Speak Africa Campaign For No Violence Against Children And Youth Launched
Jun 22 2008 UGANDA: Sabini Women Shun Hospitals
Jun 22 2008 GHANA: Inhumane Aspects of Cultural Practices
Jun 22 2008 UGANDA: UN Agency in Anti-FGM Campaign
Jun 14 2008 UK: FORWARD Welcomes The House Of Lords' Renewed Interest
Jun 14 2008 EGYPT: The West Blamed Again as Egypt Moves to Ban Female Circumcision
Jun 14 2008 EGYPT: Egypt's Child Law Is Greeted With Stiff Opposition
Jun 14 2008 EGYPT: New Protections for Children's Rights in Egypt
Jun 14 2008 USA/GHANA: One Woman's Crusade
Jun 14 2008 USA: FGM Reason to Get Asylum in US
Jun 14 2008 DENMARK: Danish Couple Held For Mutilation
Jun 14 2008 USA: Court Rejects Decisions of Immigration Board
Jun 11 2008 UGANDA: Resisting the Cut
Jun 11 2008 IRELAND: Ireland Must Act on Mutilation
Jun 11 2008 NORWAY: Norway Arrest in Gambia Mutilation Case Raises Concerns
Jun 11 2008 SWITZERLAND: Court Rules in Case of Genital Cutting
May 31 2008 USA/KENYA: Massai Women Reach Milestone
May 31 2008 KENYA: Caro's Strong Spirit Gives Hope
May 31 2008 BURKINA FASO: Two From Sembene: Moolaade and Xala
May 31 2008 US: Should You Nip/Tuck Your Private Parts?
May 28 2008 SWITZERLAND/ANGOLA: Angola at 61st World Health Assembly
May 28 2008 USA/KENYA: Kennewick Woman to Speak on Mutilation
May 28 2008 CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: "Our Daughters Have No Future"
May 28 2008 KENYA: This NGO's Doing a Commendable Job
May 28 2008 GAMBIA: Nineteen Ex-Circumcisers Received Benefits
May 28 2008 SOMALIA: Somali Women's Rights Activist Wins Roger Baldwin Award
May 18 2008 DJIBOUTI: First Country To Launch The Joint UNFPA/UNICEF Global Programe To Accelerate The Abandonment of FGM/C
May 18 2008 ISLAND: Nurse Calls For Island To Help African Victims
May 18 2008 MALI: Woman From Mali Who Underwent Circumcision Fights For Asylum
May 17 2008 USA: Court to Hear Genital Mutilation Asylum Case
May 12 2008 USA: Amnesty International Lobby Day on Capitol Hill Focused on Global Violence Against Women
May 12 2008 GHANA: African Government Urged to Promote African Values
May 12 2008 NIGERIA: NGO Restates Commitment to Reproductive Health
May 06 2008 CANADA: Activist MD Says Women Need to Support Each Other
May 06 2008 SIERRA LEONE: Paramount Chief Supports FGM
Apr 19 2008 FRANCE: Alps-Riviera Province in France Seeks to Eradicate Female Circumcision
Apr 19 2008 USA: Speaker to Address African Health Struggles
Apr 19 2008 YEMEN: Parliament Upholds Female Circumcision
Apr 19 2008 UK: Midwife Offers £500 for Return of Her Laptop
Apr 19 2008 US/KENYA: Mother's Misery Inspired Award Winner in US
Apr 19 2008 USA: V to the Tenth: Thousands of Women Gather in New Orleans for 10the Anniversary of Global Movement to Combat Violence Against Women
Apr 19 2008 USA: The Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards Winners Announced
Apr 19 2008 KENYA: Kenyan Honoured for Raising Funds
Apr 12 2008 Email problems
Apr 08 2008 SOMALIA: Raising Awareness Against FGM In Puntland
Apr 08 2008 TANZANIA: Bravo, TAMWA, For Searching For Women Activists
Apr 08 2008 US: Conference Addresses Africa's Policy Problem
Apr 06 2008 SIERRA LEONE: To Cut Or Not To Cut - Should That Be A National Issue?
Apr 06 2008 US: Flying with Jennifer Fox
Apr 06 2008 TANZANIA: Genital Mutilators Lay Down Tools in Monduli
Apr 06 2008 EGYPT: A Battle Over Female Circumcision
Mar 30 2008 AUSTRALIA: Aussie Girls Face Cruel Ritual of Genital Mutilation
Mar 30 2008 UK: Commission Finds UK Asylum System Falls Bellow Civilised Standards
Mar 30 2008 ERITREA: Regional Conference Against Female Genital Mutilation Conducted in Asmara
Mar 30 2008 UGANDA: The Fight Against Female Circumcision
Mar 30 2008 IRELAND: Nigerian Family Win Last-Minute Fight to Halt Deportation
Mar 22 2008 GAMBIA: 75 Percent of Women Are Subject to FGM - Says Gamcotrap Coordinator
Mar 22 2008 A Compromise on Female "Circumcision"
Mar 22 2008 IRELAND: Nigerian Woman Lobbies Against Deportation
Mar 18 2008 SUDAN: Sudanese Bachelors Share Questions About FGM
Mar 18 2008 KENYA:Women's Resilience Is Laudable
Mar 17 2008 GHANA: Need to Uproot FHM from Ghana
Mar 17 2008 SOUTH AFRICA: 'Designer Vagina' Trend Comes to SA
Mar 17 2008 IRELAND: Mum Faces Deportation Despite Child Mutilation Claim
Mar 17 2008 GERMANY: A Change of Perspective in Favour of the Victims
Mar 17 2008 KENYA: In Kenya, a Refuge From Female Circumcision
Mar 12 2008 KENYA: Women Call For Concerted Effort to Fight Genital Mutilation
Mar 11 2008 USA: 'Asylum' Screening Sparks Debate
Mar 11 2008 BELGIUM: Supermodel Sorry for Disappearance
Mar 09 2008 BELGIUM: Ex-Model Waris Dirie Found in Brussels
Mar 07 2008 AUSTRALIA: Our Cause Matters to Women Everywhere
Mar 07 2008 Women's Commission Hears Introduction of Texts on Women and Child Hostages, HIV/AIDS, Female Genital Mutilation, Palestinian Women
Mar 07 2008 AFRICA: Tradition at the Heart of Violence Against Women and Girls
Mar 07 2008 SOMALILAND: Female Genital Mutilation Still Common in Somaliland
Mar 07 2008 US: Alum Asks Mother to Rethink Dangerous Custom
Mar 06 2008 TANZANIA: A Tall Tribe Caught Short by Change
Mar 06 2008 SIERRA LEONE: Cultural Practices Buttress S. Leone Poverty - UN
Mar 06 2008 UK: 'Time to Stop' Abuse of Girls
Mar 05 2008 UNICEF: 140 Million Women, Girls Suffer Genital Mutilation
Mar 05 2008 UK: University College London to Screen Moolaade Movie
Mar 05 2008 FRANCE: Katoucha's Body Found?
Mar 05 2008 UN Backs Push to End Female Circumcision
Mar 05 2008 US: UN Launches campaign to Fight Violence Against Women
Mar 05 2008 SIERRA LEONE: Women Plan Protest For Bondo
Mar 05 2008 SIERRA LEONE: New Sierra Leone Government Vows to Ban Female Circumcision
Mar 04 2008 UGANDA: Legislators Join Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 24 2008 GUINEA BISSAU: Muslims in Bissau Opposed to Debate in Parlament on FGM
Feb 24 2008 The Hazard of Politically Correct Research
Feb 23 2008 GHANA: Bongo Traditional Area Ban Dehumanising Widowhood Rites
Feb 23 2008 GHANA: FGM Will Be Eradicated in 2025 - Women Group
Feb 23 2008 SIERRA LEONE: UN Fights Female Genital Mutilation in Sierra Leone
Feb 23 2008 UGANDA: Legislators Join Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 23 2008 Raelins Rocket From Clones to Clitorises
Feb 23 2008 UK: City Children Face Illegal Circumcision
Feb 23 2008 UK: The Last Female Taboo
Feb 23 2008 Female Genital Mutilation Gaining International Sympathy
Feb 23 2008 RWANDA: Rwandan Women View the Elongation of Their Labia as Positive
Feb 23 2008 IRELAND: New Irish Funds to Combat Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 23 2008 NIGER: Fall in Rate of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting
Feb 21 2008 MAURITANIA: Mauritania's Observes Day of Zero Tolerance on Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 21 2008 Eastern Eyes
Feb 21 2008 3 Million Women Circumcised Annually - UNFPA Protests
Feb 21 2008 MALI: Children at the Forefront of Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 19 2008 UN Sees Progress in Ending Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 19 2008 US: USAID Assistant Administrator for Global Health
Feb 19 2008 Model Liya Kebede to Star in 'Flower'
Feb 19 2008 International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 19 2008 SOMALIA: UN Calls on Authorities to End Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 19 2008 UNFPA Calls on Governments to End Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 18 2008 SIERRA LEONE: Islam Not In Favour of FGM - Says Iranian Consul
Feb 12 2008 SIERRA LEONE: Women in the Media Sierra Leone Want FGM Banned
Feb 12 2008 FRANCE/GUINEA: Paris Police Seek Missing Model, Former Saint Laurent Muse
Feb 11 2008 UK: School Role in War on Abuse
Feb 11 2008 SOMALIA: Somali Refigee Honoured
Feb 11 2008 CAMEROON: Zero Tolerance on Female Circumcision
Feb 08 2008 UK: Hundreds of Liverpool Girls 'Mutilated' in African Ritual
Feb 07 2008 SIERRA LEONE: Islam Not in Favout of FGM - Says Iranian Consul
Feb 07 2008 CAMEROON: Never Without My FGM
Feb 07 2008 NIGER: Female Circumcision Drops By Half in Niger
Feb 07 2008 UN Agency Marks International Day With Call For Ending Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 07 2008 GHANA: FGM Still Prevalent in Ghana
Feb 07 2008 UGANDA: End Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 07 2008 UGANDA: UN Calls For End To Female Mutilation
Feb 07 2008 SWITZERLAND: Renewed Fight Against FGM
Feb 07 2008 UK: Hundreds of Liverpool Girls 'Mutilated' in African Ritual
Feb 07 2008 UK: Horror of 'Tradition'
Feb 07 2008 SIERRA LEONE: SLeone Government to Ban Female Circumcision: Minister
Feb 04 2008 UGANDA: UN Urges Against Female Circumcision
Feb 03 2008 IRELAND: Nigerian woman loses battle against deportation
Feb 01 2008 TANZANIA: Balancing Tolerance and Tradition
Feb 01 2008 TANZANIA: In Tanzania, a Maasai Girl Escapes to Education
Feb 01 2008 FGM, Vaginoplasty and the Flawed Female
Feb 01 2008 '113m Women Circumcised Yearly'
Feb 01 2008 Cultural Imperialism at the W.H.O.?
Jan 26 2008 W.H.O. Responds on F.G.M
Jan 23 2008 GHANA: Media Practitioners Urged to Report More on Social Issues
Jan 23 2008 SUDAN: HIV Rate Is Mostly Guesswork
Jan 23 2008 USA: Controversial Psychology Professor To Speak At The Chicago Cultural Centre
Jan 23 2008 SPAIN: Spanish Judge Tries To Protect Girl From Genital Mutilation
Jan 21 2008 INDONESIA: A Cutting Tradition
Jan 20 2008 FGM Practitioners To Serve Prison Terms
Jan 20 2008 UGANDA: We Escaped Female Circumcision
Jan 20 2008 ITALY: Sexual Consequences of Female Initiation Rites in Africa
Jan 17 2008 USA: In Dallas, Female Kenyan Activists Fear For Homeland
Jan 13 2008 My Path To Renewal
Jan 11 2008 USA: Genital Mutilation Is Illegal
Jan 11 2008 KENYA: War Against Harmful Culture Far From Won in Maasailand
Jan 11 2008 Designer vaginas, anyone?
Jan 11 2008 UGANDA: Sights And Sounds of Kapchorwa
Jan 07 2008 SOUTH AFRICA: SA Film Selected For PAFF
Jan 07 2008 KURDISTAN: An End to Female Genital Cutting?
Jan 05 2008 UK: The Unspeakable Practice of Female Circumcision That's Destroying Young Women's Lives in Britain
Dec 31 2007 BURKINA FASO: How to End Female Circumcisions
Dec 27 2007 KENYA: Girls' Education in Great Danger in the Strife-Torn Kuresoi Area
Dec 23 2007 KENYA: Parents Force 150 Girls to Undergo 'Cut' in District
Dec 23 2007 KENYA: Kenyan Girls Fearing Holiday Circumcision
Dec 16 2007 UGANDA: HIV/Aids Cases Increase in Kapchorwa
Dec 16 2007 EGYPT: Islamic Scholar Opposes Ban on Female Circumcision
Dec 16 2007 NETHERLANDS: Dutch Imams Speak Out Against Female Circumcision
Dec 15 2007 UGANDA: Kapchorwa District Seeks to End Female Circumcision
Dec 15 2007 GUINEA BISSAU: In Guiea-Bissau, a Victim of Female Genital Mutilation/Cuttin Calls for its End
Dec 10 2007 UGANDA: Circumcised Women Shun Hospitals
Dec 09 2007 CAMEROON: US Ambassador Urges Gov't to Criminalise Female Genital Mutilation
Dec 09 2007 "Circumcision" or "Mutilation"? And Other Questions About a Rite in Africa
Dec 09 2007 KENYA: Girl in Hospital After Forced Cut
Dec 07 2007 Multicultural Feminists Seeks to Normalize Female Circumcision
Dec 06 2007 USA: A New Debate on Female Circumcision
Nov 28 2007 LIBERIA: "Rejuvenate Societal Values"
Nov 28 2007 KENYA: Joining the Fight Against Gender-Based Violence
Nov 28 2007 KENYA: Stop the Cut or Face Law, Parents Told
Nov 28 2007 CAMEROON: Traditions that Torture
Nov 28 2007 SENEGAL: Walking Away From the Past
Nov 28 2007 UN's Call to End Violence Against Women
Nov 28 2007 ETHIOPIA: Journalist Against FGM
Nov 27 2007 SUDAN: Sudanese Women - Towards Ending Violence and Discrimination
Nov 27 2007 KURDISTAN: Draft for a Law Prohibiting Female Genital Mutilationis Submitted to the Kurdish Regional Parliament
Nov 22 2007 KENYA: Kenya Records Drop in Female Cut Cases
Nov 21 2007 The Convention on the Rights of the Child Comes of Age
Nov 21 2007 CAMEROON: Law Against Female Circumcision
Nov 21 2007 EGYPT: Final Cut
Nov 20 2007 TANZANIA: The Link Between Female Genital Mutilation And HIV Transmission
Nov 15 2007 NIGERIA: Maternal Death: Task For Traditional Rulers
Nov 14 2007 GUINEA BISSAU: In Guinea-Bissau, a Victim of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting Calls for Its End
Nov 12 2007 UK: No Borders Anti-Deportation Stall, 10/11 Cardiff
Nov 12 2007 KENYA: Kenyan Student Honoured in the US
Nov 06 2007 COTE D'IVOIRE: Fighting FGM From Mosque and Pulpit
Nov 06 2007 NIGERIA: NGO Urges Chime to Sign Bill on Female Genital Mutilation
Nov 06 2007 US/MALI: Drawing a Line Between Enduring Harm and Legitimate Fear
Nov 04 2007 USA: Senators Biden and Lugar Introduce the International Violence Against Women Act
Nov 04 2007 KENYA: Fistula Affects 5,000 Women At Delivery
Oct 31 2007 GHANA: Getting to Grips With 'Culture'
Oct 28 2007 NIGERIA: Workshop Urges Gov to Assent to Law Protecting Women
Oct 27 2007 NETHERLANDS/USA: Litmus Test
Oct 27 2007 CAMEROON: Using Films to Condemn Barbaric Traditions
Oct 27 2007 Grandmother Project Uses Elders to Help Educate Community on Health Issues
Oct 25 2007 NIGERIA: Traditional Birth Attendants Advocate Ending Harmful Practices
Oct 22 2007 EGYPT: Egypt's Fight Against Female Circumcision Clashes With Tradition
Oct 19 2007 SENEGAL: Female Circumcision Down in Senegal
Oct 18 2007 BURKINA FASO: Burkina Faso Salutes "Africa's Che" Thomas Sankara
Oct 12 2007 KENYA: Woman Quits Job to Wage War Against the Cut
Oct 10 2007 UK: 21,000 Girls at Risk of Genital Mutilation, Say Campaigners
Oct 09 2007 USA: The Veiled Monologues
Oct 06 2007 KENYA: Female Cut Is Uncivilised
Oct 05 2007 EGYPT: Egypt Resists Genital Mutilation
Oct 05 2007 Study Guide for "Born in the Big Rains" by Fadumo Korn
Oct 01 2007 EGYPT: International Herald Tribune Examines Movement Against Female Genital Cutting in Egypt
Sep 27 2007 KENYA: Knife and illiteracy threaten daughters of tobacco country
Sep 25 2007 BOOK REVIEW: “Civilizing Women: British Crusades in Colonial Sudan” by Janice Boddy
Sep 24 2007 ANNOUCEMENT: Help us come up with a new name
Sep 23 2007 EGYPT: Foes of female circumcision gain support: Subject is no longer taboo in Egypt, where 96% of women have had procedure
Sep 23 2007 ANNOUNCEMENT: Please bear with us
Sep 23 2007 EGYPT: New York Times feature slideshow
Sep 23 2007 EGYPT: Egypt gripped by female circumcision debate
Sep 23 2007 EGYPT: UNICEF: Egypt among leading nations battling female circumcision
Sep 23 2007 EGYPT: Female circumcision focus of ferocious debate in Egypt
Sep 08 2007 FINLAND: Fewer Operations To Fix Damage From "Female Circumcision" At Public Health Clinics
Sep 08 2007 SIERRA LEONE: FGM Practitioners Sway Elections in Sierra Leone
Sep 08 2007 KENYA: 'Female Circumcision Not Linked To Islam'
Sep 08 2007 SWEDEN: Ombudsman Sues Over Forced Exam
Sep 05 2007 EGYPT: Doctors Face Trial Over Female Circumcision
Sep 05 2007 SWEDEN: Girl Tested for Circumcision 'Because She Was Somalian'
Sep 02 2007 IRELAND: Doctors Urged to Report Female Genital Mutilation
Aug 28 2007 GUINEA BISSAU: Two Thousand Girls a Year Suffer Genital Mutilation
Aug 26 2007 CANADA/SUDAN: Cautious Criticism
Aug 26 2007 UN: UN Agencies Unveil Initiative to Reduce Female Genital Mutilation
Aug 22 2007 BURKINA FASO: Genital Surgery Helps Burkina's Mutilated Women
Aug 22 2007 SENEGAL: Alumna Nets Humanitarian Grant Worth $1.5 Million for Africa Work
Aug 21 2007 EGYPT: Egypt Death Sparks Debate on Female Circumcision
Aug 21 2007 Some Facts on Female Circumcision
Aug 18 2007 EGYPT: Egyptian Woman Held After Near-Fatal Female Circumcision
Aug 17 2007 AUSTRALIA: Hanson Cites Bible Urination as Reason to Stop Immigration
Aug 17 2007 ETHIOPIA: Religious and Traditional Leaders Called Upon to Help End Female Genital Cutting
Aug 17 2007 EGYPT: Genital Mutilation Persists in Egypt
Aug 17 2007 Kenya/USA: FBI Called to Probe Killing of Citizens in U.S.
Aug 17 2007 EGYPT: Cairo MPs Ponder Tougher FGM Laws
Aug 16 2007 SENEGAL: African Aid Group Wins Hilton Prize For Campaigning Against Female Circumcision
Aug 16 2007 EGYPT: Egyptian Girl Dies From Circumcision
Aug 16 2007 EGYPT: 13-Year-Old Egyptian Girl Dies From Circumcision Operation
Aug 16 2007 UN: UN On a Drive to Reduce Female Genital Mutilation
Aug 16 2007 NORWAY: Norway Grants NOK 20 Million Against Sex Mutilation
Aug 16 2007 SIERRA LEONE: Most Sierra Leone Parliamentary, Presidential Candidates Unwillling to Speak Against Female Genital Cutting
Aug 16 2007 SENEGAL: FGM Continues 10 Years After Villagers Claim to Abandon It
Aug 12 2007 SIERRA LEONE: A Women's Issue That Women Are Wary of Campaining About
Aug 12 2007 NORWAY/UN: Norway Pledges Funds to Help UN Fight Female Circumcision
Aug 10 2007 SIERRA LEONE: 'They Just Cut You, And There's Not Much Problem With That'
Aug 07 2007 NIGERIA: Female Circumcision: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?
Aug 07 2007 UK: New FGM Worry
Aug 07 2007 WEST AFRICA: Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation Not Targeting Culture: NGO
Aug 07 2007 ETHIOPIA: FGM Declaration Call on Religious and Traditional Leaders to Educate Members
Aug 07 2007 PROFILE: Waris Dirie
Aug 05 2007 SOMALIA: Female Mutilation
Aug 04 2007 ETHIOPIA: Female Mutilation in the Spotlight
Aug 04 2007 ETHIOPIA: Conference on Female Genital Cutting Opens in Addis Ababa
Aug 04 2007 ETHIOPIA: Country Urged to Take Strong Action to Stop FGM
Aug 04 2007 ETHIOPIA: Female Circumcision Declines in Southern Region
Jul 31 2007 CANADA/GUINEA: Guinea Woman Savors Victory in Hard-Won FGM Case
Jul 29 2007 UGANDA: Working Towards a Better Humanity
Jul 25 2007 AUSTRALIA: 'You Suppress The Pain'
Jul 21 2007 MAURITANIA: It Is Not Circumcision
Jul 21 2007 NORWAY/EUROPE: Female 'Cut' Exported To Europe
Jul 21 2007 EGYPT: Female Circumcision Holds Sway In Egypt.
Jul 20 2007 UK: Female Genital Mutilation Arrest
Jul 19 2007 UGANDA: AG Rules On Female Genital Mutilation
Jul 18 2007 BURKINA FASO: Surgery Helps Women Recover From Female Genital Mutilation
Jul 14 2007 UK: Exposing Child Abuse In The Name Of Religion
Jul 12 2007 AFRICA: Old And New States Of Women's Rights In Africa
Jul 12 2007 UK: Waris Dirie Campaigns To Stop Female Genital Mutilation, Circumcision
Jul 11 2007 UK: Female Genital Mutilation On The Rise In Britain
Jul 11 2007 UK: 'My Mother Held Me Down'
Jul 11 2007 KENYA: US, Kenya Partner To End Female 'Cut'
Jul 11 2007 EGYPT: Egypt Fights Genital Mutilation
Jul 11 2007 EGYPT: Egypt Mufti Defends Ban On Female Genital Cutting
Jul 03 2007 EGYPT: Egypt Forbids Female Circumcision
Jul 01 2007 NORWAY: Politicians Try To 'Do Something' To Stop Female Circumcision
Jul 01 2007 EGYPT/AFRICA: Girl Dies After Genital Mutilation
Jul 01 2007 NORWAY: Norway Cracks Down on Female Circumcision Abroad
Jul 01 2007 NORWAY: Mutilated Females Seek Help
Jun 30 2007 EGYPT: Egypt Strengthens Ban on Female Genital Cutting
Jun 28 2007 NORWAY: Renewed Uproar Over Female Circumcision
Jun 27 2007 UGANDA: Genital Mutilation Legal - AG
Jun 27 2007 SOMALIA: Somaliland now centre for illegal female cutting
Jun 26 2007 EGYPT: Girl dies undergoing FGM in Egypt
Jun 26 2007 EGYPT: Mufti forbids circumcision
Jun 26 2007 EGYPT: Young Girl Dies During Circumcision
Jun 21 2007 ERITREA: Circumcision in Eritrea: Custom trumps law
Jun 21 2007 SENEGAL/GAMBIA: Senegal, Gambia villages give up female circumcision
Jun 21 2007 KENYA:Kenyan Muslims condemn FGM
Apr 14 2007 NORWAY: Kadra attacked in public
Mar 04 2007 EGYPT: Al-Azhar University Scholars Argue over the Legitimacy of Female Circumcision Practiced in Egypt on Al-Arabiya TV
Mar 04 2007 KENYA: Making Headway With the HIV Message in Refugee Camps
Mar 04 2007 NIGERIA: Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 19 2007 UGANDA: Female circumcision hurts women’s dignity
Feb 15 2007 ERITREA: Campaign against FGM ‘is working’
Feb 15 2007 PUBLICATION: Cutting to the Core
Feb 15 2007 MALI: Female Circumcision Flourishes
Feb 14 2007 UK: The RCM tackles Female Genital Mutilation
Feb 14 2007 TANZANIA: Anti-FGM activists asked to unite
Feb 13 2007 GENERAL: Female circumcision not just African issue
Feb 13 2007 YEMEN: 24 percent of Yemeni women experience genital mutilation
Feb 13 2007 NORWAY: Illegal Female Circumcision in Norway
Feb 12 2007 USA: Rites and wrongs: Is outlawing female genital mutilation enough to stop it from happening here?
Feb 11 2007 AFRICA: Parents turn to clinics for genital mutilation: U.N.
Feb 10 2007 ERITREA: Efforts to Do Away With Female Circumcision Show Encouraging Outcome
Feb 10 2007 UNITED STATES (SOMALIA): Critic of Islam Finds New Home in U.S.
Feb 08 2007 UNITED NATIONS: Parents turn to clinics for genital mutilation
Feb 08 2007 NIGERIA: Female circumcision in Igboland
Dec 21 2006 UGANDA: Wanted Surgeons Go Into Hiding
Dec 13 2006 UGANDA: Seven districts fight female circumcision
Dec 12 2006 GHANA: Banda Girls Demonstrate Against Fgm
Dec 12 2006 ERITREA: NUEW Chairperson Conducts Seminar in Assab
Dec 12 2006 CAMEROON: Female Circumcision Persists Despite Sensitisation
Dec 11 2006 TANZANIA: FGM on the decline, study shows
Dec 11 2006 YEMEN: Females fight ritual mutilation
Dec 09 2006 CANADA: Woman fears for life if deported
Dec 08 2006 KENYA: Maendeleo Ya Wanaume is Welcome
Dec 08 2006 EGYPT: Theologians Battle Female Circumcision
Dec 02 2006 EGYPT: Controversial film fails to hit screens
Dec 01 2006 UK: Female Genital Mutilation not Islamic - say Top Egyptian clerics
Dec 01 2006 EGYPT: Will FGM Fatwa Make a Difference?
Dec 01 2006 UGANDA: Anti-FGM activists face hostility
Dec 01 2006 DAKAR: UN Raises Awareness on Gender Violence in Africa
Dec 01 2006 EGYPT: Muslim scholars rule female circumcision un-Islamic
Dec 01 2006 EGYPT: Clerics join anti-female circumcision moot
Dec 01 2006 EGYPT: Authorities urged to end female genital mutilation
Dec 01 2006 EGYPT: Call to end female circumcision
Dec 01 2006 EGYPT: Muslims speak out against female circumcision
Dec 01 2006 EGYPT: Rare anti-female circumcision conference held
Dec 01 2006 KENYA: Maendeleo - What's in Store?
Dec 01 2006 ETHIOPIA: Ethiopians protest US jailing for genital mutilation
Dec 01 2006 ETHIOPIA: Khalid Ahmed - From Addis Ababa to a Prison Cell in Gwinnett County
Dec 01 2006 MALTA: Coleiro proposes ban on genital mutilation
Dec 01 2006 ETHIOPIA: Ethiopians support man in genital mutilation
Dec 01 2006 ETHIOPIA: US verdict: Ethiopians march
Dec 01 2006 NIGER: Girls rue lost educations in impoverished Niger
Nov 26 2006 SOMALIA: Somali Bantu Find Strange New Life in Urban U.S.
Nov 08 2006 ZIMBABWE: Yes, Be Proudly African, but Be Proudly Anti-FGM too
Nov 06 2006 AMSTERDAM: Alienation amid Dutch: A look at unmoored Muslims in the wake of van Gogh's murder
Nov 06 2006 NEW SOUTH WALES: MP says female circumcisions carried out in NSW
Nov 04 2006 AUSTRALIA: Girls mutilated for 'tradition'
Nov 04 2006 QATAR: Genital mutilation punished for the first time in US
Nov 04 2006 AFRICAN NEWS: US circumcision jailing fires debate in Africa
Nov 04 2006 UNITED STATES: Dad sentenced in first female genital cutting trial in U.S.
Nov 04 2006 ETHIOPIA: U.S. female mutilation case fuels hot debate in Africa
Nov 04 2006 UNITED STATES: Circumcision Case Goes to Jury
Nov 04 2006 UNITED STATES: Female circumcision trial may be first in U.S.
Oct 22 2006 UK: Lords grant asylum to woman in fear of circumcision
Oct 22 2006 SWEDEN: Sweden's Muslim minister turns on veil
Oct 22 2006 US: ATLANTA, GA: Dad stands trial over daughter's mutilation
Oct 11 2006 INDONESIA: Indonesian Government Imposes Ban Against Female Genital Cutting
Oct 04 2006 ERITREA: Renewed efforts to outlaw female genital mutilation
Oct 04 2006 KENYA: Mungiki resurgence must be stopped
Oct 04 2006 EUROPE: Somali-born woman sentenced for violating female circumcision ban
Sep 24 2006 NETHERLANDS: Official OK with Islamic law in Netherlands
Sep 24 2006 ETHIOPIA: Committee on Rights of Child examines report of Ethiopia
Sep 24 2006 ETHIOPIA: Doing it for themselves
Sep 24 2006 REPORTS: US Department of State Reports on Human Rights (FGC Sections)
Sep 24 2006 Hirsi Ali: A refugee from Islam

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