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Videos on Female Cutting
A Cruel Ritual (40 mins). Louise Panton. Focuses on Eastern African refugee groups in the United Kingdom -- a group of women on whom infibulation, the most severe form of FGM, has been performed. Women talk about their experience of being mutilated; a woman who performs FGM in Africa shows her operating equipment; legislative attempts to do away with FGM are discussed; and mothers are interviewed about reasons for circumcising daughters. While very comprehensive, does not show FGM being performed. 
Production Date: 1991 
Another Form of Abuse (22 mins). Efua Dorkenoo talks about FGM in England; interviews women about their experience and the risks they face if they speak out against tradition; depicts FGM with diagrams; includes film of a Sudanese woman undergoing emergency surgery, the result of her husband cutting her on their wedding night because he could not penetrate her; discusses prevention and the sensitivity of the traditional practices which touches religion, culture, race and women's issues. 
Production Date: N/A 

Die Drei Wuensche der Sharifa
(The Three Wishes of Sharifa)

The film depicts the matrilineal tribe in Eritrea. One of the deceased Sharifa's wishes is that the uncut three-year-old be infibulated. The mother hesitates. Other village women remind her of her duty...


Le Fardeau (The Burden) (30 mins). Produced by La cellule De Coordination Sur Les Pratiques Traditionelles Affectant La Sante De La Femme et de L'Enfant en Collaboration Ave La Television National de Guinee. (French Documentary which explores the beliefs perpetuating FGM in Guinea, West Africa. 
Production Date: N/A 
Female Circumcision Louise Panton, 1983. Shows the health problems associated with circumcision. 
Production Date: 1983 
Order: BBC Enterprises Ltd, Kensington House, London W14 OAX, UK. 
Price: N/A.
Female Circumcision 
"Beliefs and Misbeliefs"
(45 mins.) Filmed in Africa, this film shows FGM being performed in a city street and rural areas, interviews villagers about the reasons/myths surrounding FGM, and depicts educational efforts to eradicate FGM. 
Production Date: N/A 
FGM in Egypt Part of the CNN coverage of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). Of a graphic nature. 
Production Date: 1994 
FGM in Uganda A short piece on FGM as practiced by tribes in Uganda. 
Production Date: N/A 
Fire Eyes A documentary film directed by Soraya Mire, a Somalian woman who's undergone FGM as a young girl. Fire Eyes unfolds the complexity of FGM and offers an overview of its geographical location, a clinical explanation of FGM, reason/rationale behind the practice, psychological implications, the situation today, modern challenges to the traditional practice, male domination interests and ideology controlling this practice, woman as private property, and the social relationships of reproduction, self-denial and self-sacrifice. Female circumcision creates anxiety for the woman regarding her sexual awareness, its meaning of social significance, social control and punishment. 
Production Date: 1994 
Order: Filmakers Library, Inc. 124 East 40th Street, New York, NY 10016 (212-808-4980, Fax 212-808-4983). 
Price:sale:16mm $2000,vid.$445,rental:16 mm $300,vid $85. 
the Worst Type of FGM
Produced by the National Committee on Traditional Practices-- Ethiopia. 
Production Date: N/A 
Inter-African Committee  
on Harmful Traditional Practices
(18 mins). This 1992 film discusses the role of the IAC in training, reforming and sensitizing Africans to the dangers of FGM; shows how IAC members carry out their goals at the grass roots level. Note: Poor quality production. 
Order: Persistent Productions, 235 E. Colorado Blvd, Suite 1363, pasadena, CA 91101, (818) 752-2571. 
Price: Available on short-term loan.
Nightline Ted Koppel addresses FGM with African women. 
Production Date: January 1995 
NOCIRC Composite Video (16 mins). Shows both male and female circumcisions. 
Production Date: 1992 
Order: NOCIRC, POBox 2512, San Anselmo, CA 94979-2512 Price: $20 (including S&H).
On Their Own (Reham's Story) Reham is a young Muslim woman who has been educated in Western schools and now goes to the American University in Cairo. When she reached the proper age, her mother insisted that she gets circumcised. Despite her father's resistance, Reham got circumcised - in a hospital, under general anesthesia, but circumcised nonetheless.

In this film, Reham recounts the story of her circumcision and how she gained awareness about the harmfulness of the practice.

Reham now works in anti-circumcision campaigns and strives to spread awareness of the fact that the practice if female genital mutilation is harmful, unhealthy, and certainly not a religious decree.
Order: Price: $15 (excl S&H)

Oprah Winfrey Show 
Fall 1995
A segment of this show is devoted to the topic of FGM. Speakers included Ms. Soraya Mire, Ms. Mimi Ramsey, and Dr. Nahid Toubia. 
Production Date: 1995 
The Piercing Scream (30 mins). Video of a play by young Egyptian women discussing their experience of circumcision. (Arabic with english subtitles). 
Production Date: N/A 
Pourquoi Donc L'excision? (52 mins). Video of a play in the local language of Burkina Faso, Dioula, which addresses the topic of excision. 
Production Date: N/A 
Rights of Passage (30 mins). English documentary produced by UNICEF chronicling four stories of young women's survival (Nicaragua, India, Jamaica, Burkina Faso). FGM is addressed in the Burkina Faso piece. 
Production Date: N/A 
Rites (52 minutes) Penny Dedman. BBC-Produced. Includes interviews with women who have undergone FGM who talk about the psychological and medical consequences. Contains explanation of how circumcision, excision and infibulation are done; discusses chastity and gives history of hiding female sexuality in both Eastern and Western cultures. While very comprehensive, does not show FGM being performed. 
Production Date: 1990 By American Anthropological Association (AAA). 
Scarred for Life (25 mins). Sheila McVicar of ABC's Day One news program reports on FGM. 
Production Date: N/A 
Season of Planting Girls

A video production for NGO's campaigning against female circumcision (FGM) in Egypt.

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is forbidden by law in Egypt. It is therefore banned in public and private hospitals and clinics. The government has an active policy discouraging it. But, according to official statistics, about 96% of women in Egypt are still circumcised.

Together with the Egyptian authorities, organisations such as UNICEF, the Ford Foundation, UNDP and others are very active in researching and lobbying against FGM.

In co-operation with these organisations, MediaHouse has produced a video to discourage parents from having their daughters circumcised.

Order: Price: $15 (excl. S&H)

Seven Drops of Blood Available in Somali, useful for Somali audiences. 
Production Date: N/A 
Order: AIDOS, Via dei Giubbonari, 30-00186, Rome, Italy. Price: N/A
Warrior Marks Film made by Alice Walker and Pratibha Parmar. 
Production Date: 1995 
Order: Women Make Movies, Inc. 462 Broadway, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10013 (212-925-0606). 
Price: N/A

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