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Volunteer Opportunities
We are in desparate need for volunteers. The amount of information out there has gotten too big for one person to handle. If you can volunteer some time, be it one hour a day/week/month to do some research and volunteer work, it would be greatly appreciated. There's a lot of work to be done, and the more people involved, the better.
The following are the current open volunteer positions on the FGM Education and Networking Project Webpage. My hope is that through this webpage volunteers can choose projects to work on and be able to network with each other.
Currently, here are the open volunteer positions with a description of each. There are plenty more opportunities. Please contact the Director directly so she can send you the outline for all the work that needs to be done. Click on each position to go to a detail of the projects available for that particular position:

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Click here for more volunteer opportunities.

  1. Online Researcher: Looking for someone to mine the web for information on FGM and update the links listed on the webpage. Will provide the person with training if necessary.

  2. Web Programmer:Looking for somebody who is familiar/expert at CGI and PERL to write a script for a online asylum network for FGM for subscribers and asylum seekers/reseachers.

  3. Co-Webmaster:Looking for someone who is able to help out with co-webmastering the FGM Education and Networking Project Homepage. This would mean helping add new features to the site, brainstorm about the best way to handle the resources, etc. It's a very rewarding volunteer position.Training will be provided.

  4. Bibliographer/Librarian:This position is perfect for a librarian or a student with a little bit of time on his or her hands. All bibliographic entries will be entered in a specific format and annotated.
You are welcome to write for more information using the Contact Form. Please allow a couple of days for a reply.
NOTE: Please do not write if you're not serious about getting involved. Of the many people who applied for volunteering, no one has been serious, and that's very frustrating to deal with. This is not a glamorous job, however, please rest assured that any work you do for this page will give you credit, and it will be going to a worthwhile cause.